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Thread: CF accepting/breaking abuse

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    All or several or even one... Just saying they should be all or some would make cf's be more respected...
    and if they only lasted 3 days that should be enough time for a clear differential and if not maybe you guys should fight... and if not fort should be open by that time.

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    don't get bullied into offering cf, hit back insted and avoid going over their meter points if you do not want war.

    If they don't like open relations with hostile ops let them offer cf, eventually an ongoing hostile will be more costly since they can't hit you full force and retal randoms efficiently at the same time. Make it even more costly by denying some provinces growth while not retaliating others and those you let grow will be stretched thin and thus randommed more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffT View Post
    The argument would be that people are allowed to lie to each other and engage in any form of cooperation they choose.
    Yes, deception should still be permissible, on the other hand I think that CF ought to work like war does in that it doesn't cancel the hostile meter it just overrides/hides.
    So with that function the CF would "hide" the meter which then decays normally.

    And if upon the cancellation of a CF there still exists residual meter points the meter of the kd that doesn't cancel the CF is reset to 0 but any points still accrued by the cancelling kd is retained.
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