Hi all!

I am happy to annonce that players now have the ability to specify a site URL where all their in-game data will be sent. This will hopefully make it easier to use some of the great 3rd party system out there. The idea is to make it easy to send your intel without needing odd scripts and extensions.

It can be enabled under preferences and requires a full URL (remember http://... ) as well as an optional key -- these would be provided by whatever system you, or your kingdom has developed. The idea of the key is to allow the system to "block" those without a key or revoke access to users. It is not required to use, but is advisable.

Technically it will send two version of your page on every load -- either the game-content div HTML or a "simpler" version which mirrors a copy-paste of the page. The reason both versions are sent is because "legacy" game developers probably have parsers for either case and I wanted to ensure both types of parses would be easily applicable.

The current in-game URL as well as the sending Province will also be sent along with the actual page to facilitate parsing of the pages.

It is a "cookie" based setting, so it will reset on new browsers and has to be set on each device.

For developers:
Please see the newly started GitHub repository I made: https://github.com/cmunk/utopiaintel

You can see a sample example.php file which should be a good starting point to start making your own parsers for your users.

Be sure to enable the "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" headers on your end point -- otherwise the user will get errors. Generally be sure to read the documentation there.

I hope people will submit Pull Requests in that repository so we can make it as easy as possible to develop intel storage sites for utopia.