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Thread: War point calculations

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    War point calculations

    As there's a thread talking about the absurd new mechanic in the rankings bonus for war points calculations, I figured this would be a good time for yet another attempt for me to offer a suggestion to try to improve the warring aspect of utopia.

    Now, as I said in the UT thread, I don't hate the current change. I get the concept and I like the concept. We want good warring kingdoms to war other good warring kingdoms rather than seeing who can beat the most bad warring kingdoms in an age. However, I believe that the current direction the devs are trying to accomplish this with is a bit like trying to make a right turn by making 3 left turns. Why don't we just make a right turn? We've got lots of metrics and possible mechanics that surround wars that we don't need to rely on non-warring metrics to decide who wins the war chart.

    Now, what metrics (the warring ones) does the game currently use to track and calculate war points? Afaik, and I could certainly be wrong on these...

    1. Average Opp. Relative size
    2. Opponent war points

    And I think that's it. Now, here's all of the metrics that I believe the game should use to track each individual war win points calculation:

    1.Relative kingdom size (remove Avg Rel Opp size from kingdom pages)
    2. Opponent war points
    3. Duration (capped at a reasonable timeframe)
    4. Opponents nw relative to starting nw

    I believe those 4 metrics would allow the game to not only reward long, hard-fought wars, but also reward kingdoms for obliterating kingdoms. This is an improvement over the "all wars and victories are basically the same" approach that the game currently uses.

    I'm sure there are even more metrics that could be tracked to more accurately track war points and I fully support any and all of them being included (assuming they actually add something to the calculation). As one of my lovely nubs said long ago, "Have you seen the gains formula? You need A fricken PhD to use that thing", so I'm not at all against the idea that maybe the thing that calculates the chart dedicated to one of the most complex and dynamic aspects of the game, not be as simple as (A+B)*C*D

    Thoughts? Comments? Criticisms?

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    This too we see as frustrating. We just had to beat the tar out of a kingdom and almost had them at a 50% forced withdraw and only got .95 war points. We wrecked a kingdom and barely got compensated.

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    I can get behind this. The problem i see is a kingdom getting easy wars in the ghettos, LDing to get easy war win points. I think that's the idea behind the current points system, but I could be wrong.

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    The best way to force people to fight competitive wars and make sure the KDs that are best at warring take the crown is to make WW points dependent on relative size of your KD compared to the #1 land KD.

    It doesn't have to be a linear relation, could also be a square root of your relative size. So say ur 30% the size of #1 land, your WW points are multiplied by 0.3^0.5 = 0.55. So if you'd get 5 points normally, you receive 5 x 0.55 = 2.75 now.

    And before babies come moaning about how small KDs should have a chance to win a crown --> too bad, get better or don't win anything. This aint kindergarten.

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    Yeah new point system has alot of flaws. For instance my last war we both started out in the top 20. But because my opponent dragged hostile. Kingdoms jumped over us in land because war win bonuses are so crazy. We didnt get into war until they where out of the top 50. So we got shafted on the ww points. :(
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    The current war win system that factors in land is kinda bogus. If you want to make sure KDs dont landdrop to get easier wars, give war win points only to those in the top 50 land charts or something? There is no reason a #1 kingdom on acres should get more war win points for beating #5 or something, than #10 beating #11.

    Landdropping not something I've ever used though, the honor loss is massive? Make #players factor in more heavily? That way if you want to fight ghettos you'll fight a 22 player KD, and if you do it as a 25 player KD you get penalized heavier or whatever?

    Just throwing some ideas out there, but the logic that exploring / whoring should yield more just feels wrong to me.


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    war duration would be good to reward , that would cut down on fake wars as well and warring much weaker kingdoms. Would also be an incentive not to drag wars to spite people

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