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Thread: 7:1 scrubs

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    Quote Originally Posted by King_Viking View Post
    So everyones just gonna ignore the fact hes been calling a province a providence the whole time. Lol

    Me/coss had 2 split kds(both kicked out by their respected kds)getting razed like hell last age by multiple kds. In 2 weeks, each of us had maxed out science increased the total of kds razing each of our kds from 2 to 4 and filled our next age kd(sleepy). It was legit like being at war for 3 straight weeks i was in a 11 prov kd being razed by kds from different time zones having to wake up at 5 am to get my army out plus i had 1 guy i booted raze me for like 2 weeks straight in and out of wars.
    While at the bottom, both kds in the bottom 150 we just caused hell for utopia lol. We didnt cry. Id login check the news seen a couple of my guys wailed on some top kds to force cfs and i got my army out asap to protect my elites and load up on scientist b4 they got revenge and razed me the entire last 3 weeks of the age. I made it to 50 acres multiple times. Avian warrior was what i chose to raze my old monarch. The game was Utopia, the goal stay alive, my mission see how many kds i can piss off with taunts, banners, 12 vs 22 prov wars and random dragons lol! I finished with max science and +1k acres and we probably had the most fun ever being so small.

    U cant beat sleepy, u can do two things take a couple hits, or take action and force 2 things.

    Retal which is followed by retals and more pain and more pain
    Take ur trimming and adjust ur goal cuz growth wont be one of them until u
    1 can outgrow utopia or
    2 u get a kd that can support u in ur attempts to grow.

    Now knowing u have no1 to help u cuz u made it public.

    Id go with the later one
    or wait till the opponent goes to war and raze them...or does something like notice another kingdom or something ;)

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    May 8 of YR1 Brainchewer (x:x) invaded Morgana le Fays Day Off (x:x) and captured 69 acres of land.
    May 16 of YR1 Zarila Maggarmach (x:x) invaded Brainchewer (x:x) and razed 64 acres of land

    That is how you make people to stop bottomfeeding you. If you are not in range for a TM, Raze their ass.

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