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Thread: Agressive stance on the wiki

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    Agressive stance on the wiki

    one link says -10% attack time, and the other -15%

    was going to check old age changes to figure it out, if someone wants to save me the legwork, which is correct? and one of those listings needs correction.

    sidepoint.. why does the new guide not have any of the actual formula info or numbers? have to google the wiki for 'proper?' details

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    They seem to be taking the Mehul stance of not giving formulas away so adding things to the wiki will require research teams to collect data and derive~

    Unfortunately, it makes little strategic sense to reverse engineer a formula and then share it with the community so the wiki will always leave a lot to be desired.

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    There's already a thread for reporting inaccuracies with the wiki btw. Searching the "Game Announcements" forum led me to this:

    "Aggressive stance: Attack time buffed to -15%."

    I'll update the wiki right away, but in response to your other questions: The new guide is meant solely to be introductory. The wiki has always been the place to find the formulas and behind-the-scenes information about the game. As for sharing formulas, there's plenty of people working on and willing to share formulas for game mechanics.

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