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Thread: Kd chat is outdated af

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    Kd chat is outdated af

    The catalyst for this post is the fact that KD chat is currently down, to which my teammate replied, "We actually use in game chat still? :)"

    1) The chat looks like it's from the 90's.
    2) No personalized or customizable features for players. ie. font color/size, size of chat box
    3) A default window that shows like 5 lines of text.

    1) Update it. Do you really need a list of features that a modern chat interface uses? If so I'll happily provide one.

    How did Dryads and Paladins get priority over a relevant chat box?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ursuul View Post
    How did Dryads and Paladins get priority over a relevant chat box?
    Peronally I think that any resources spent on the ingame chat is 100% wasted resources when there are things like IRC/whatsapp/slack around. It's never going to compete in usefulness with any of those so any effort to do exactly that is imo completely wasted.
    The only thing I'd request of it is that it's color-coordinated with the rest of utopia so that it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb, unless that's already happened because honestly it's been a while since I turned the damn thing off in settings.
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    Slack integration would be awesome.

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