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Thread: Cap on max acres explorable at a time?

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    Cap on max acres explorable at a time?

    My kd mate is at 461 acres and game is allowing him to explore only by 461 acres max. All his buildings are built up. Is it by design that one cannot explore more than 100% of one's current acres? Couldn't find it in wiki.

    Our war ended and we need the chained guys to grow up again. But they are unable to explore more than 100% of their acres in one go. They are also below the kd median acres. Individual province explore pool also has enough acres.
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    Yeah it's limited to 1 per 1 :(

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    As far as I remember acres must be build or under construction, that means you can have that province explore more once some of the acres has come in and have been put under construction, for instance if he explore 461 acres and 50 has come in he will be at 511 acres with only 411 acres under exploration and should be able to explore 100 acres more once those 50 are put under construction.

    Why you would want to more than dubble on 461 acres is beyond me however, that province will not be able to defend 3 times its current land, even if it is a chained Undead or Dryad that was left with 80% max population in pure elites, there is still a lot of competition arround the acreage you'll want to put him on, so unless your kingdom can scare off randoms he will be hit for sure.

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