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    Sorry this probably me being stupid after a war, but i wasnt sure if this was a bug or if i missed something completely.

    The science generation rate for my prov has been jumping up and down. I have built laboratories in eowcf, not sure if they still have an effect, aware they dont work in fortified unsure if they didnt work while in eowcf either.

    But yeah, one tick i can be at 98% another 84 another 61. So wasnt exactly sure what was going on.

    Thanks for the help/information/feedback

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    I don't really get what you mean, but, science generation rate is not the percentage of chance for you to get new sci for that tick. Consider it as a progress of generating new scientist or say a loading bar. Each tick it will increase on a flat rate based on Labs, Revelation, Race(Human/Non-Human). Once it reach 100% or beyond, then you'll get a new scientist. Then the rate will reset back to 0% + the extra above 100%. For example this tick the rate is 95%. Say your rate is 8%, then next tick the rate would be 95+8 = 103%. So you will get new scientist, and the rate will reset back to 3%.
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