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Thread: Paladin spell success

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    Paladin spell success

    Please consider lowering requirements to successfully cast support spells on kd-mates.

    Even with 2wpa and oodles of sciences, choosing elf for spell success and keeping max guilds i still have a hell of a hard time. do we really have to get past mystic aura? it's really unsatisfying playing a paladin. I won't do it again.

    How do we even contribute in wars? if i use all my mana trying to buff up my KD i can't offensively cast. If I go caster/attacker hybrid I won't get enough wizards to break most of my KD mates WPA. If I go full wizzy and I struggle getting 1-2 spells per high risk kd-mate, after buffing I likely wont have much mana to offensively cast.

    tl:dr; pallies need lots of love to be viable. Tips appreciated

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    1. Go a/M. Buff only attackers.
    2. Go full mage. Buff whole kd. What's wrong with that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pooterpants View Post
    Even with 2wpa
    This is the reason right here.

    Get higher RWPA - 4 on an elf with max sci and you should be fine to cast on attackers without a doubt. Don't think you can get these spells on TMs though as both heretic and mystic are (if played properly) going to have a higher MWPA than you.

    2 rwpa is attacker level wpa - it's simply not enough to do the jobs you want.

    You either buff yourself - attacker paladin (2 rwpa is fine), or buff your attackers and you (hybrid style - fae paladin is best here 4+ rwpa)

    As Elf you're able to hybrid play too but you need to work on what EPA, DSPA and WPA you're going to mesh with your spell casting A/M roll.
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    Mechanics are already in use this age, so yes, the suggestions will be how to cope.

    Consider your undead paladin who is a likely chain target as a self caster till under duress. When you force enemies to mass when they'd rather take land you're doing it right.
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    Correct me then, instead of being a dick about it.
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    In the past, help spells were based on guilds of the caster, and not the wpa or guilds of the receiver. It was treated like a basic self-spell, an not as an offense spell (using wpa as a factor). After all, mana is a limited resource, and it's hard enough for paladins to recoup, even with a +mana it would be difficult.

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    If you have magic shield up for example it creates more fails, which is kind of annoying, so the personality which is designed to be able to cast on kd but you are not only attempting to overcome the provinces wpa, which makes sense, but also you have to cut through the provinces self spells, at least make it so the only factor for a successful intra-kd spell is the "raw wpa" of the province and not what spells they also have active or their magic science.

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    If I were to make a suggestion on this, it would based on land and guilds.

    So, let us say that the Palading casting on his KD made was 1500 acres with 10% guilds. He has 150 guilds. Now lets further assume that his KD mate is 2500 acres. I would calculate sucess based on 150 guilds/2500 acres = 6% guilds. IE, the ease with which the paladin is able to cover those lands given his current resources. Similarly, a paladin on 2500 acres with 250 guilds casing on a 1K smaller KD mate as 25% guilds.

    Remove all the wpa v wpa penalties and ignore magic shield, lets assume that a province can distinguish friendly vs enemy. Especially since magic shield says something about black spells of our enemies or some such. Make a simple matter of power per acre.

    This also helps to manage the potential for fortifying a "cow" a little bit limited as a 2500 acre paladin trying to cast a difficult spell on a 8k acre cow is going to be facing an uphill battle (as he/she should).
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