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Thread: Affairs of the State - Episode 2 - July 13th details

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    Affairs of the State - Episode 2 - July 13th details

    Greetings Everyone!!

    We sincerely apologize for the last minute change of the date for Episode 2, extenuating circumstances prevented us from coming together to make this happen. However, we have rescheduled for Thursday July 13th. We have decided to hold this next broadcast 1 hour earlier to better accommodate the European half of the team. Our gracious host John Sargent (JoRo) will begin the live broadcast via Twitch @ 19:00 GMT (Noon pm West Coast / 3pm East Coast / 8pm UK / 9pm EU).

    We have had some scheduling conflicts with the team which has put off Episode 2 until now, but we expect DavidC and Bishop to be in attendance for this episode. We plan to keep this broadcast much shorter than our first episode and begin with a short agenda of topics that will include things such as: a general discussion of Age 72, the affects we're seeing from the land based gains, how the charts are shaping up and how the changes to war points appears to be working, Gold Account Status and the Referral system. We hope to interact with the viewers more while we go through these topics and plan to spend more time on viewer questions (or topics from the forums) to wrap up the broadcast.

    We encourage everyone to tune in and provide your comments, feedback and questions. We aim to broadcast with more frequency and consistency moving forward. Feedback on days/times for future broadcasts also welcome!

    Event Details:
    The broadcast will take place at:
    Broadcast will begin: Thursday July 13, 2017 @ 19:00 GMT (Noon West Coast, 3pm East Coast, 8pm UK, 9pm EU)

    Please use this thread to post any questions or comments you may have that you'd like us to touch on or answer during the broadcast if you can't make it! We will try to cover as many topics as we can in the amount of time we have available!

    This episode can be viewed HERE!
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