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    Ladies of Utopia Interviews: Pie

    Ladies and gentlemen of the Utopia Community Forums, we are pleased to present to you the fantastic Lady of Utopia, Pie.


    Where do you play from?
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    What is your day job, when you’re not being a Utopian badass?
    I’m a research analyst at an investment bank :)

    What are some other hobbies you have?
    Not as much time for hobbies these days but I read a bit, play some Magic: the Gathering, catch up on TV shows in my spare time.

    What is something you would like the Utopia community to know about you?
    Being female is probably the least interesting thing about me…

    What brought you into Utopia and what keeps you playing?
    It’s all about the people. My brother introduced me to the game waaay back in like 2002, but he’s long stopped playing. I’m still here because of my awesome mentors and kd mates :)

    Why do you think the game is generally so unappealing to other females?
    I wouldn’t say it’s unappealing, even though there’s been some uniquely unappealing specimens of people I’ve met in-game. But they’re a pathetic minority and our kd clears them right out, if they random in. I’d say that the same reason the game might be unappealing to women would be the same reason it might be unappealing to anyone else: in this day and age, with all the fancy games with *moving animation*, it’s a special sort of nerd that still finds deep pleasure in a fully text-and-numbers game. I say this with fondness, of course.

    What was your first age like?
    I was super noob so I just lurked and played a silent TM for a while.

    Do you remember which KD you first played in?
    It’s been a long time, so I can’t remember the name but I remember my first real monarch, Jeff. This was back when communications was MSN messenger and FB didn’t exist. Great guy, willing to show me the ropes when I was a clueless 13 year old with no idea what I had just gotten into.

    Do you remember boats?
    I think I just missed that… boat :P

    Describe the most memorable age in your uto-experience.
    These things blend together… This age is pretty great though, peaked at #10 in honor at one point :)

    What was the worst/dumbest mistake you’ve made in the game?
    Had my fair share of early launching a dragon or sending all my specs on em, lol.

    What is/was your favorite theme?
    We’re not really a theme sort of kd but I remember doing a Team Fortress thing way back when.

    Which combination of race/personality is your favorite? Past or present.
    Undead is a lot of fun with lesser upkeep. Great for people with RL concerns. So far though, I’m loving avian tacts for making 4 rounds of hits a day.

    What ranks and/or roles have you held in your uto-experience?
    I’ve played everything from pure TM to pure attacker to any combination of hybrid.
    For roles, everything too, from silent observer to monarch (my current role).

    Have you played in any alliances?
    Nope not so far. Sorry Diamond :P

    What is a weakness of yours? RL or in-game.
    My annoyed partner who’s waiting for me to go to dinner but I need to make a hit :’(

    What member of the utopia community would you most like to have a beer with/share a meal with and why?
    Y’know, it’d be pretty great if I could do a RL LAN party with my entire kd… to wave the sh*it out of some kd at the start of war.

    How do you handle interactions with a KDmate you have a disagreement with or your monarch when you disagree with an order?
    I always favour open discussion and when it’s something that cannot simply be agreed or compromised on, open voting in the forum.

    Do you feel like your gender has been a barrier to being taken seriously in this game?
    Only for losers.

    What about as leadership?
    Most people whom I’ve dealt with in the game have been mature, reasonable adults. It’s actually a huge, underrated plus point of the game.

    How do the people in your RL react to your playing Utopia? (i.e. common knowledge, closely guarded secret?)
    It’s not a secret, I’d talk about it if anyone asks about it. Btw, it’s pretty awesome to come across anyone who knows of or (gasp) plays the game IRL. It’s like meeting a unicorn.

    Have you met any Utopians IRL?
    By chance, yes, a couple of times. I’ve also dragged my younger brother and a couple of friends into the game. Sadly I outlasted them…

    How many FB friends do you have from Utopia?
    We use FB for communication, so all but one of my current kd mates are my FB friends :) Also at least 20 or so players who came and left. We’ve got a FB group going. It’s pretty cool!

    What makes you want to rage quit?
    Failed hits, early dragons, and bullies. But all these things pass.

    What do you do in RL to get yourself ready for war in-game?
    Not much. Just flip a switch for battle mode :)

    If you could create a race for the game, what would it be?
    In MtG I’ve always have a soft spot for goblins. Maybe even dragons could be a race? Imagine a 30/10 elite adult dragon that can only be accessed from wee baby dragon specs that are like 3/0 or 0/3 which convert at… 0.5% a tick. That would be kinda cool.

    What other utopia-related projects have you worked on?
    Not much that I can recall…

    If you could wave a magic wand, what’s the one change you’d make to Utopia?
    The interface, I think, has long needed a reboot. Maybe along the lines of having some art resources, some way to visualise the province graphically and yet maintain the underlying math of the game… In practice though, it’s expensive and needs a lot of effort so I don’t really expect this to happen anytime soon.

    What is something you hope to see in the future in this game?
    I hope to see a better approach in the way bad players are responded to - not talking about new/inexperienced players but bullies, trolls and jerks. Perhaps having more options to respond to nasty player(s) (suggestions: quarantine/force time-out the prov, move all the jerks into one big happy jerk KD, penalise acres/honor…). But this is very situational and I suppose there’s just not enough manpower in the game to respond to all the A-said/B-said scenarios that pop up all the time.

    Who do you think will take the iron throne?
    I’ve not followed the series, only read the books. It got kinda loopy in the last one. Is Arya Stark a good contender?

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