Greetings Fellow Utopians!

There has been a bit of talk regarding the new Referral system we are looking to implement. It's time we release the details. We value your feedback and there will be a link to a suggestions thread found at the bottom of this post to discuss this as there is time still before it is fully implemented and adjustments can be made.

How it works:

- All accounts have a Referral ID, seen here:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

- Any accounts that are referred BY you, get stored in our database and are linked to your account and tracked.
- There will eventually be a page where you will have the ability to see how many referrals you have, how many are still active, and other information specifically related to referrals.
- There are also plans to credit players that have referrals with some kind of marker either on the Kingdom page or on the players profile (Opt-In of course in case you don't want it displayed) but what exactly has not been determined (Feedback welcomed!)

What you get NOW:

ONLY for successful referrals (defined later) that are made between now and the end of server protection (February 1 YR 0) for Age 73 we are offering the following:
- 1 Referral: A free name change item
- 2 Referrals: A free name change item & a free taunt & 5 sitting credits
- 3 Referrals: All of the above & a free Kingdom Invitation

Example: If you successfully refer 3 players, you would receive a name change item, a Taunt, 5 sitting credits and a Kingdom Invitation

If you exceed 3 successful referrals we will contact you directly to discuss additional rewards!
All of these additional, one time, rewards will be manually added to your account during January YR 1 of Age 73 such that the referrals can be adequately measured against the parameters described below.

Referral Bonuses:
These bonuses will begin at the start of Age 73
- Daily bonuses will be rewarded to any account that has a single successful referral
- We hope to offer something additionally to accounts with more than 1 successful referral, once decided those details will be made available (at the moment only 1 successful referral is needed to attain the listed bonuses)
- Daily bonuses at the moment are:
January - Gc = Income * 1
February - Runes = Acres * 15
March - Land = 25 Acres
April - Food = Acres * 20
May - Specialist Credits = Acres * .35
June - Building Credits = Acres * .15
July - 1 Additional Scientist

These bonuses will be provided in the same manner as the free daily acres, once per day (not once per hour).

What is a successful referral?
In order to be classified as a successful referral accounts must be determined to be abiding by all Game Rules
A successful referral cannot share an IP with the referring account
A successful referral must also have an active account as determined by our activity log (specific details as to what defines an account to be active will not be released)

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