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Thread: Age 73 Final Changes

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    Age 73 Final Changes

    Greetings Utopians! Age 72: The Era of Venerated Bastions will end on Friday 11th of August at 12:00 GMT.

    After much deliberation and consideration of all the feedback received (thank you everyone!) we would like to present to you the Final changes for Age 73.

    We have implemented quite a few major mechanics changes over the past couple ages and would like to utilize this next age to balance the races and personalities a bit while everyone is still adjusting to the new mechanics and trying to fully understand how they work.

    The mechanics section is important to take a look at once again as we are adjusting quite a few things, mostly for balance purposes and gameplay enhancement.

    You'll notice we are adding 2 new races and removing 2 races. Our goal here is to introduce new elements to the gameplay that have only always been a subtle undertone, such as good vs evil. Eventually this may lead into a grand scale Utopian War between all of the races both Good and Evil, but that is for another time! For now, we remove 2 of the current races and provide to you their counter-part.

    Mobile users (or people who don't like spoilers) please use the bottom spoiler for an easier to navigate option!

    Age 72 End: Friday August 11th at 12:00 GMT
    Age 73 Freeze Start: Friday August 11th at 18:00 GMT
    Age 73 Protection Start: Monday August 14th at 18:00 GMT
    Age 73 Protection End: Tuesday August 15th at 18:00 GMT

    Age 73 Final Changes

    Mobile Option (No Spoilers - Less clicking)
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    Note: we have also forced ceasefires between kingdoms to have a minimum duration of 24 hours.
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