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Thread: Age 73 Power Rankings

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    Ugh, somehow I ended up including Mercs on the Human in the previous one, so it had +18.7 extra OPA (the other Races are clean, but I will update that one above) ... so, sadly, Humans, even with a good science bonus are just not looking that impressive...

    Here is the 'with spells' edition of the now updated previous post;

    Miltary power


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    Thanks - nice work. I think you've done a really good job with these and for people who take the time to understand them they are really helpful.

    Just on the human abduct point, yeah they can abduct too of course. But my point was more if we assume everyone (including human) is abducting, then human's +25% sci generation is less valuable because only say 30% of total sci comes from generation (the rest form abducts). So the +25% ends up more like +8% total sci. I've entirely made up the maths but you see my point :) That said, I still think your analysis is solid. They are poor this age so it makes sense to make assumptions in their favour, knowing that the reality is a bit worse.

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    Thanks! I really appreciate you playing along with me. There seems to be enough people following the thread in silence, maybe its just the enticing title... If you people out there have ideas, questions, suggestions get them out there!

    I am torn on that idea for abducts, because whatever % of your total you abducted, had to be generated in the first place. I know obviously the dynamic of the game is for the more organized KDs to basically siphon the science to themselves, and thus any Race in a KD like that will be ahead of the curve in science, generally. As a result there has to be someone on the receiving end who is behind the curve... and if I want to represent the "average" experience of that scenario, I end up at the midpoint between those two.

    So I guess these charts are indicative of Provinces who have broken even on Abducts over the course of the Age (up to the point where Humans start hitting soft caps, which is where I am capturing info). Some players would be disheartened if they attained this stat, while others would be delighted I imagine, to have kept their fair share of scientists. The chart works in a vacuum, I guess, and the game is a big cluster---- :D
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