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Thread: Ladies of Utopia Interviews: Kara

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    Quote Originally Posted by StratOcastle View Post
    Again, thank you for conducting these interviews, goodlilwitch and "classical musician" was all I needed to read. For the arts.
    We appreciate the support StratO


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    Quote Originally Posted by Frugal Baggins View Post
    Hahahaha that tickled
    Where is your interview?!

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    cant trust a lady with a name Kara (fat dick in som3 languages opposed to another australian translation)

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    What instrument do you play? I'm a trombone player, been playing for 25 years now

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    violin, viola, piano, harpsichord...can "technically" play the cello, bass (string bass mind you, not electric...),french horn and trumpet since I took pedagogy classes in college, but I pity anyone that would have to listen to that haha!! I've also dabbled in African drums since I did a 9 month gig with Disney's The Lion King on Broadway So yeah.....I kinda like music ;-)

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