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Thread: Help with a Building strategy

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    Help with a Building strategy


    I have always played an thief mage but wantes to change things up this age. I plan to try out Undead/Tactician and was hoping to get some tips on a building strategy. Maybe early on be a hybrid attacker but then gradually convert to a pure attacker post 1k acres.

    Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    Well, you're undead tactician. You can theoratically pump wizards but that is a long process and they are hard to keep alive in war because massacres and AW. Also undead ain't exactly good at keeping acres so there is a good chance during war that your actual % of build acres becomes really low. That is something that would hurt your rune production and thus limit your spellcasting ability (unless you get a constant supply from your kd mates). Since you're undead, you cannot steal or do damage ops. Only gather intel.

    Now what is undead/tactician good at. Attacking and gathering intel :)

    Make sure you have sufficient thiefs to gather sots and soms for your kingdom mates. As tactician you can do that with 1 thief and never suffer thieflosses where others need to send 10% of their thiefs.

    As far as build strat goes. Anything that makes you attack better and faster. TG, RAX, Hospitals, stables, watchtowers, dungeons, guardstations and even homes can help you a lot. You can't pump elites so I would not bother to much with econ buildings anyway. Just enough guilds and towers to keep your selfspells up should do. You're going to get raped by T/M anyway so I would not bother to much with getting a ton of wizards (unless it is part of a kingdom wide strategy). Clearsight and Watchtowers will slow down thiefs a bit.

    Just pump out as much offense and keep hitting :)

    If you want actual numbers:

    Get OOP with something like this:

    25% banks (you start with that)
    20% TG
    20% GS
    10% guilds
    5% towers
    10% Watchtowers
    10% stables.

    And start trad marching right OOP for elite conversions. Later on you can balance things out as you prefer with removing your banks in favor of other stuff such as hospitals, rax, homes, dungeons and more watchtowers

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    40% guilds as a minimum unless your in war or have reached the point where you dont WANT wizards, if your not in war labs and guilds are the best buildings

    Undead has more than enough offense to find hits in peace time, stables are fine but scrap milks tg's gs' watchtowers for something better and rebuild those before war if you like them, if you really want to mod military i would use rax. You can only scout with your stealth and with minimal scouting its not hard to find a double tap or better if your undead right now
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    it depends on what you need. If your underpopped homes until pop grows so you can draft. If your overpopped homes to hold troops. Ive ran 95% homes before when chained down to a less then 5% of my starting acres, and it worked well. An attackers build strat is always evolving to what the province needs, especially UD. I've also ran 99% towers before in order to aid out runes to TM's which helps the war effort and at the same time keep down my TB so that mates could keep feeding gold since I couldn't pay army. These are extremes, and I'm sure ill get some flak about it, but attacker build start is always fluid, , always losing acres, always building anew, always changing if you're good. Holding onto your army is what its all about, and once war starts, you don't need ANY stables as long as you keep your army out. Its a whole different ballgame then playing TM.

    A good attacker doesn't really need stables once you have the horses that you need, especially if you're chained. If you don't get chained is a different matter, but if you don't ever get chained, you're probably not a good attacker
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