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Thread: Ladies of Utopia Interviews: Zombies are people too

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    Ladies of Utopia Interviews: Zombies are people too

    Ladies and gentlemen of the Utopia Community Forums, we are pleased to present to you the spectacular Lady of Utopia, Zombies are people too.


    Where do you play from?
    Currently chiming in from British Columbia, Canada, the "Best" Coast.
    Though without going to deep into my background, I've played this on my sojourn across Canada, being a quick fix for my gaming addiction while on the road.

    What is your day job, when you’re not being a Utopian badass?
    I co-own a boutique in my town, it pays the bills.

    What are some other hobbies you have?
    I'm still an avid soccer player, once a week I play pickup. Also my career as a designer is definitely work=pleasure. Besides that Nintendo, especially Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy in its 16bit glory. I have every installment of those series either on my Wii U or IPad. I still play FFV every June for the Four Job Fiesta Charity.

    What is something you would like the Utopia community to know about you?
    I have never shaved my armpits.

    What brought you into Utopia and what keeps you playing?
    A friend; in my 20s I lived from place to place rather frivolous so I could pickup and go at any time. He showed me utopia, which was free and accessible from my laptop and later my phone. I love the open ended play, like here are the mechanics, run with it. Probably one of the best pvp games ever, and the socio political depth really intrigues me, both ingame and in the forums. Like we are some micro world in its own.

    Why do you think the game is generally so unappealing to other females?
    I don't think it's really unappealing to females; there's a lot of us here. I do agree it's very niche, like if you don't see it for what it is you won't enjoy it. With so many games to choose from, and less females play games than males generally, we have a small pool to begin with.

    Do you remember which KD you first played in?
    Daunting lol when I first got into Uto, you can guess what race I played(pssst... starts with an "F") and the micromanagement of a TM was hard to understand without guidance.
    My steward (we will call him shogun) was like, "you strike me as calm and gutsy, you should try attacker", and taught me the ropes concerning chain mitigation and how to live off fumes lol. Haven't looked back.

    Do you remember boats?
    Boats? Before my time; someone please tell me what you'd need boats for lol

    Describe the most memorable age in your uto-experience.
    I forget the age, but during a war, I'm deep down in sh*t town being less than 20% of my original acreage, and just happened to catch a Intel grab, and bounced 4 attacks with 2 soldier Aids, a MP cast, then a TW cast. We won that war also ;D

    What was the worst/dumbest mistake you’ve made in the game?
    Razing my Guard Stations instead of my Stables after my first war attack pops to mind /facepalm

    What is/was your favorite theme?
    Sadly I'm a rebel, and never played the theme game. I'm a huge fan of pun names, currently poking fun at the hashtag "Animals are people too". Regarding other KDs, currently the Palidrone KD makes me giggle. I'm such a nerd xD

    Which combination of race/personality is your favorite? Past or present.
    Past Undead/Warrior, with Bloodlust, the 6th Gen, and elite training. I gained the honourary title of "Bush Queen" from my team.

    What ranks and/or roles have you held in your uto-experience?
    I have played Halfer Rogue for 2 ages, but besides trying Dryad Tact out this age, I'm usually hopping between Undead Warrior or Tactician.

    Have you played in any alliances?
    Currently just joined Art of Destruction this age #AoDshoutout

    What is a weakness of yours? RL or in-game.
    Wine, Whiskey, and Weed. Next question xD

    What member of the utopia community would you most like to have a beer with/share a meal with and why?
    Pretty much every girl I talk to in the Uto Girls Slack channel. Sorry guys but well, you know lol. There's a few guys in my KD but I don't want to start a civil war picking just one.

    How do you handle interactions with a KDmate you have a disagreement with or your monarch when you disagree with an order?
    I've spent a life time honing my passive-aggressive rhetoric, but usually I stay quiet till the EoA war, that's like playoffs to me lol. The KD tend to let me be the whip or taste my wrath.

    Do you feel like your gender has been a barrier to being taken seriously in this game?
    When I first began playing, my KD had really good players and leadership, I preferred to sit back and learn from them. did a lot of ghetto hopping during the late 50s and 60s, and wasn't really affected by it due to detachment. I just attacked on target and collected my aid. My current KD recruited me a few ages back and I had some hurdles with a few members, I just think it was hard for them to have a girl show up out of nowhere that knew more about strategy than they did. I can't take credit, as I was taught myself. Anyway they've moved on or quit, and I'm just "one of the boys" with my current teammates.
    The forums are a completely different beast; do we have character limit for these questions?

    How do the people in your RL react to your playing Utopia? (i.e. common knowledge, closely guarded secret?)
    I don't really talk about it in RL, no different than say Mario Kart. I guess people do catch me on it, or chatting with people who play utopia, I'm always on my phone lol so I guess it's my secret alter ego.
    I do recall once having to break on a Rogue from my phone while at pub, and some guy was hitting on me. I'm like, "Dude, I'm currently talking to a Heretic so I can get a fresh SoM on this Rogue. My Ghouls and horses are vulnerable, I'm kinda busy." I do wonder what the eff he thought of me sometimes.

    Have you met any Utopians IRL?

    How many FB friends do you have from Utopia?
    No FB either. I don't like people knowing what I'm up to lol.

    What makes you want to rage quit?
    Nothing really, I love this game.

    What do you do in RL to get yourself ready for war in-game?
    A big bowl, a glass of wine, and something like cherries or grapes to munch on. Lately it's been the Mangchi Album "Don't go she gone", historically it's been Parquet Courts' "Light it up gold". Attack, sit back and wait for the incoming chain to mitigate.

    If you could create a race for the game, what would it be?
    Honestly I don't have any really good ideas for a race, I have always thought it'd be cool to have one immune to plague, with a one shot racial that gives 100% plague chance successful attacks, to avoid bounce abuse. I was really stoked for dryad horses to be 4/0; I had suggested it for humans the age no one liked them.

    What other utopia-related projects have you worked on?
    Currently helping with the new guide to be released. I'm honored to work with and joke around with such a talented group of developers and volunteers. I also started a faux radio station thread on the Official Forums. I'm up for helping in anyway I can to build the utopian community.

    If you could wave a magic wand, what’s the one change you’d make to Utopia?
    Make Ghouls 13/0 (cough..Dave..cough). ;D
    To be more realistic, I'd love to have something like Upo or Munk actually incorporated into the game; the Espo just doesn't cut it against 3rd party programs, and over the ages the biggest hurdle with new and casual players. "If you want to be competitive, download this and this and join this.." That sort of thing.

    What is something you hope to see in the future in this game?
    Most of all, more new players, I'd love to see over 200 actual kingdoms again, and small publicity pieces like this can't hurt. I'd love to read interviews from top players and kingdoms, you should do this more.

    Who do you think will take the iron throne?
    Iron Throne?

    Please check out her thread DJ Daphuq's House of Eargasms

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    cool to see someone else from BC

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    I would so love to go on a roadtrip with Zombies are people too(only if I can call you by your shorter name though lol)...not sure anyone else is ready for us in roadtrip mode though lol

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    Great interview

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    Ok -we really DO have to have that girl party!

    Great interview zombies!

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    Funny read lol

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    LOL thanks all, your words are sweet. Reading this cracks me up seriously; is it too meta to critique myself? nevermind xD

    -DM <3

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    Zombies are people too, I want to have a whisky with you now A great read, made my heart sing..

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    i wanna start an ladies of utopia kingdom/alliance

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    We are all in a Slack group together @markers
    Pm @Queenmab for the deets!

    -DM <3
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    Thank you for the DJ dealio. I'm a prolific procrastinator, so the format lets me keep my "someday" to sit back and listen to everyones music.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bishop View Post
    Correct me then, instead of being a dick about it.
    love that thick mahogany back with no belly carve or anything...pure thick wood ! The thing ROCK is made of !
    Weed bowls

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    Quote Originally Posted by StratOcastle View Post
    Thank you for the DJ dealio. I'm a prolific procrastinator, so the format lets me keep my "someday" to sit back and listen to everyones music.
    You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoy it! Music tames even the savage beast ;D post your favourite songs!

    -DM <3
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    utopia radio

    Quote Originally Posted by Zombies are people too View Post
    Pm @Queenmab-DM <3
    I loved Utopia radio. How do I send a request for additional songs?
    if its in the game... I like Bishop. I don't care what my Mommy says about him.

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    You just post them lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by sl0hnd View Post
    I loved Utopia radio. How do I send a request for additional songs?
    To be more helpful than Palem was, its a thread in General Talk,

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