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Thread: Ladies of Utopia Interviews: QueenMab

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    Ladies of Utopia Interviews: QueenMab

    Ladies and gentlemen of the Utopia Community Forums, we are pleased to present to you the delightful Lady of Utopia, QueenMab.


    Where do you play from?
    Brisbane, Australia

    What is your day job, when youíre not being a Utopian badass?
    Uni student, Iím relatively certain a degree is not worth being this tired for.

    What are some other hobbies you have?
    I spend most of my time with my two doggos, Iím training for a marathon atm, spend a lot of time writing and gaming, really like PUBG and Dream Daddy atm, super lame I know.

    What is something you would like the Utopia community to know about you?
    Cutenapping people! I have a lengthy track record of recruiting/stealing people during wars. Some of the best people in our KD have been wooed and made the jump. So beware if you war us you might just lose your best players.

    What brought you into Utopia and what keeps you playing?
    The game has a rich social tapestry which makes it infinitely interesting. I really missed the interaction with a bunch of equally nerdy folk.

    Why do you think the game is generally so unappealing to other females?
    Being a bit of a fem-bro helps in any gaming environment, Iím kinda one of the lads in my kingdom, I like it that way.

    Do you remember which KD you first played in?
    I landed in Silly Rockers when I returned a few years ago, such an awesome bunch of super friendly folk; I love the tits off all of them. A good bunch of people make you fall in love with the game.

    Do you remember boats?
    Not overly. I do remember and it being a massive pain in the dick to manage

    Describe the most memorable age in your uto-experience.
    Age 66 Ė Thunder and Bedlam was a turning point as played exclusive caster and slasher TM roles up until then. Orc Cleric changed my world, now I thirst for blood, any armies left home deserve death.

    What was the worst/dumbest mistake youíve made in the game?
    Gosh, where do I start? Probably the constant stuff ups in building Guard Stations instead of Guilds in EOWCF. I havenít done it in a few ages; I deserve a Micky Mouse badge.

    What is/was your favorite theme?
    Urban Dictionary was a great theme. Iím incredibly surprised most people were pretty modest about what they chose instead of ending up with 24 totally depraved prov names.

    Which combination of race/personality is your favorite? Past or present.
    Orc Cleric is pretty sexy not to mention the return of Dark Elves makes my heart sing. MS or something that is brutally destructive I will love the tits off.

    What ranks and/or roles have you held in your uto-experience?
    Iíve been everything from **** kicking pleb to Monarch. Iíve enjoyed all the roles Iíve had, I just like to play. Static roles can hamper progress, I do really enjoy being a part of our Council setup, role sharing has been a good way to upskill both individuals and the KD.

    What is a weakness of yours? RL or in-game.
    Wine, lipstick, whiskey and puppies will always win my heart.

    What member of the utopia community would you most like to have a beer with/share a meal with and why?
    This list is so longÖ. Sjet, Leet, Sjippe, Slayer, Rayko, Uhum, and most peeps in the KD Iíd happily swill beer until the early hours with. Iíd definitely start a pillow fight with the ladies from the slack group. Letís throw glitter and braid each otherís hair.

    How do you handle interactions with a KDmate you have a disagreement with or your monarch when you disagree with an order?
    People are allowed to disagree or agree to disagree. I much prefer people who step up and get involved with the stuff they like or donít like. In saying that though, being overly critical or silent treatment can be toxic for a team environment. We actually have a pretty neat crew; and the environment is there for people to speak up if they want to engage. If there is an issue though, I am not backwards in coming forwards; I have zero issue in tackling problems.

    Do you feel like your gender has been a barrier to being taken seriously in this game?
    Our kingdom has had several ladies including Monarch and Steward Positions. It has never been an issue. Would say that the forums can be a bit of a sticky spotÖ However, I would say that some chickies donít make it easy for themselves either.

    How do the people in your RL react to your playing Utopia? (i.e. common knowledge, closely guarded secret?)
    They are all pretty good these days. They know if weíre at war I will bring my laptop to parties and disappear for a bit to check in on progress and get those armies out.

    Have you met any Utopians IRL?
    Not yet

    How many FB friends do you have from Utopia?
    Several buddies on FB now.

    What makes you want to rage quit?
    Nothing in Utopia <3 However Super Meat Boy makes me throw whatever is nearby into a wall. I feel the rage building already grrrr grrrr grrrr

    What do you do in RL to get yourself ready for war in-game?
    Make up the guest room as that is where I sleep until war is over. I alarm everything, canít have that constant buzzing waking everyone all the damn time.

    If you could create a race for the game, what would it be?
    Something with an Aussie flavour! Bunyips would be amazing. They are apparently mystical nocturnal hodgepodge creatures that feast on animals, children and women. The would make a nice A/m with Drop Bears as their elites.

    What other utopia-related projects have you worked on?
    Nothing too exciting, just diddle in the testing server when that opens.

    If you could wave a magic wand, whatís the one change youíd make to Utopia?
    I do a lot of sitting and the bug that swaps provs is my least fave thing. To fix that would be amazing. Double the player base would also be the ducks nuts.

    What is something you hope to see in the future in this game?
    A playable app would be amazing.

    Who do you think will take the iron throne?
    As it is accelerating towards the end game, not really sureÖ. Maybe nobody as the throne will be destroyed.

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    Thank you! Mab is one of my favorite Utopians and I loved reading the interview
    Can't say I am much of a glitter person but for you I'd throw glitter all the same!
    Also that race sounds amazing, we don't have a race that eats horses yet :P

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    stopped reading at games are my other hobbies other than games, and that you have excessive dogs instead of cats

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