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Thread: Game income suggestion

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    Game income suggestion

    I think this game would benefit from shop sales. Say buy one get one free or just something more then a bulk credit discount. Also you could add an increase sitting days shop item. ( Some people travel and going into vacation because you use all sitting can 1 effect the kd and 2 loose players.

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    I think this does happen, but its not very common, and not well advertised in my experience

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    I think I saw 1 'sale' from the previous owners maybe 7 years ago and we held one (our first of more to come) over this summer. I very much like the idea of sales and had a family emergency not arose through this past weekend we would have had another!

    Since taking over I've been interested in doing more for the people that support the game through credit purchases and plan on doing more to show our appreciation as time permits. The next month or so is quite busy for me personally but I would expect to see more engagement as we enter the holiday seasons!
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    Another thing that games like clash of clans did was have an added bonus.

    Say but 5 credits nothing, but 10 credits you get 1 free day of sitting, 15 credits you get 2 free days or a taunt(or whatever thing you want to offer). Bit of an incentive to spend more at a time.

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