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Thread: Age 74 Proposed Changes

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    Age 74 Proposed Changes

    Proposed changes for age 74:

    Lots of new dynamics to think about for this age. The proposed changes will give you an idea of our thoughts at the moment. We look forward to your feedback and will revise these based on reactions and suggestions.
    You'll notice immediate major change that Undead is no longer a race but a personality and Elf has returned.

    Stances are being removed and will have new Rituals to help with some of the consequences of this. We do want to add more Rituals than are listed, we'd like initial feedback on what is listed and will revise the list in a few days based on feedback and suggestions.

    Age 73 End Schedule

    Age 74 Final Changes: November 1, 2017

    Age 73 End: Saturday November 4, 2017 @ 00:00 GMT
    Age 74 Open: Saturday November 4, 2017 @ 06:00 GMT
    Age 74 Start: Monday November 6, 2017 @ 18:00 GMT

    Age 74 Proposed Changes



    Dark Elf









    The Undead

    The Heretic

    The Mystic

    The Paladin

    The Rogue

    The Sage

    The Tactician

    The War Hero

    The Warrior

    Meter Throttling - Adjusted to reduce operation damage against Kingdoms that have gains throttled on you. Also there will be a reduction to throttling that occurs within declare range.
    Ceasefires - There is a new feature with Cease-Fires that allows you to choose a date until which the Cease-Fire cannot be broken.
    - Watchtower effectiveness reduced.
    - Allow Cancel of buildings under construction (no gc refunded)
    - Can use building credits to raze acres will be a standard ability
    War Proposals - Limit of 3 proposals that can be oustanding at any given time
    EoWCF Duration - Increased to 96 hours from 72 hours.
    Stances - Removed
    War Win Points - Point calculations will no longer be boosted based on rankings during YR 0.
    IP Restrictions - We have overhauled the anti-cheat system. IP restrictions have been modified to rely more on heuristic methods than automated prevention. The effectiveness of these efforts will be carefully and extensively monitored and adjusted accordingly.
    Dragons - All Dragon costs reduced by 25%. Additionally, you will now have the ability to name your dragon! Is yours Emma? That's Dave's!
    Scientists - You can now choose which category your next scientist will spawn into (random is also an option)

    Ritual Types
    Affluent - Income +15%, Draft Speed +25%, BR +20%, +5% BE
    Barrier - +10% DME & Spell/Thief damage -15%
    Havoc - +OTPA +20% & +OPWA +20% & +Spell/Thief damage +5%
    Onslaught - +10% OME, +15% enemy casualties on attacks, +20% honor gains
    Resiliant - -25% Gains in and out & -20% Military Casualties & all science progression is halted (no new scientists will spawn and scientists will not gain experience)

    Please use this thread to discuss the changes and make suggestions based on these changes
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