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Thread: Age 74 Revised Proposed Changes

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    Age 74 Revised Proposed Changes

    Revised proposed changes for age 74:

    A mentioned before there are lots of new dynamics to think about for this age.
    You'll notice immediate major change that Undead is no longer a race but a personality and Elf has returned.

    Stances are being removed and will have new Rituals to help with some of the consequences of this. More Rituals have been added; with the removal of stances the existing Rituals were a little weak to replace such a strong mechanism in the game so Rituals have been buffed to reflect both the difficulty to cast them and the importance of having one active, which then in turn makes the destruction of opposing Rituals and more potent strategy.

    Quite a few new mechanics and features have been added to the list of changes so make sure to check those out.

    As always feedback and suggestions are welcome!

    Age 73 End Schedule

    Age 74 Final Changes: November 1, 2017

    Age 73 End: Saturday November 4, 2017 @ 00:00 GMT
    Age 74 Open: Saturday November 4, 2017 @ 06:00 GMT
    Age 74 Start: Monday November 6, 2017 @ 18:00 GMT

    A mobile option to view changes with less spoilers is available at the end of this post!

    Age 74 Proposed Changes (revised 10/29/17)



    Dark Elf









    The Undead

    The Heretic

    The Mystic

    The Paladin

    The Rogue

    The Sage

    The Tactician

    The War Hero

    The Warrior

    Inspire Army/Paladin's Inspiration - These spells will cancel each other out if cast while one is already active. I.e. if IA is cast while PI is active, PI will be replaced with IA and vice versa.
    Abduct Military Casualties - Defensive military casualties on abducts has been reduced by 50%
    Meter Throttling - Adjusted to reduce operation damage against Kingdoms that have gains throttled on you. Also there will be a reduction to throttling that occurs within declare range.
    Ceasefires - There is a new feature with Cease-Fires that allows you to choose a date until which the Cease-Fire cannot be broken. The farthest date in the future that can be chosen is 3 Utopian Years
    - Watchtower effectiveness reduced.
    - Allow Cancel of buildings under construction (no gc refunded)
    War Proposals - Limit of 3 proposals that can be oustanding at any given time
    EoWCF Duration - Increased to 96 hours from 72 hours.
    Stances - Removed
    War Win Points - Point calculations will no longer be boosted based on rankings during YR 0.
    IP Restrictions - We have overhauled the anti-cheat system. IP restrictions have been modified to rely more on heuristic methods than automated prevention. The effectiveness of these efforts will be carefully and extensively monitored and adjusted accordingly.
    Dragons - All Dragon costs reduced by 25%. Additionally, you will now have the ability to name your dragon! Is yours Persephone? That's Dave's!
    Scientists - You can now choose which category your next scientist will spawn into (random is also an option)
    Ritual Casting Requirement - Reduced to 80 casts
    Support Spell History - There will be a new area in the History section of your province that records your casts and successful casts of spells on Kingdom mates
    Self Kingdom Espionage - There will be an Espionage Page added that will show your own Kingdom. This page will only show spells that have been cast by others, it will not show spells you've cast on yourself to your Kingdom.
    Train/Build Credits
    - Can use building credits to raze acres will be a standard ability
    - There will be an option on all pages that provide use of building credits that will allow the option to NOT use your credits for your current purchase. For example: You would like to train 1000 specialists and have 500 specialist credits but you would prefer not to use your credits, there will be a checkbox that will designate the option to NOT use the credits.
    - Immediately upon exit of End of War Cease-Fire all Credits will decay by 1/3
    - Building Credits will decay at a rate of 20% per Month if Credits > Land * 1/3
    - Training Credits will now decay at a rate of 15% per Month
    - Nature's Blessing - The chance to cure plague will be increased to 30%
    - Mystical Enlightenment - This spell will be available to all races and provide an accurate account of the total number of wizards currently in the target province. This spell will be of intermediate difficulty and low rune cost.
    Merging of Kingdoms - Kingdoms will merge weekly starting on Yr 1. Eligible Kingdoms to merge will be in the lowest 1/3 of the server and will merge similarly as is performed during the end of age reset such that Kingdoms with very few provinces will have a chance to play with other active players in a normal size Kingdom.
    Game Administration Kingdom - Kingdom 1:1 will be dedicated to Game Administration and Utopia News Reporters. The provinces in this Kingdom will remain in protection for the duration of the age. These provinces should not be messaged to replace the use of Utopia Support e-mail or for reporting violations of the Game Rules. Utopia News Reporters will have a dedicated province in this Kingdom to enable them a safe and secure place to message Kingdoms with privacy for their in-game accounts and Forum accounts. Kingdoms or players that receive messages from these Reporter accounts can be assured the person they are speaking with is who they say they are and not some random person scamming for information.

    Ritual Types
    Affluent - Income +20%, Draft Speed +25%, BR +30%, +5% BE
    Barrier - +10% DME & -15% Spell/Thief damage & +10% Defensive TPA & +10% Defensive WPA
    Havoc - +20% Offensive TPA & +20% Offensive WPA & +10% Spell/Thief damage
    Onslaught - +10% OME, +15% enemy casualties on attacks & +20% honor gains
    Resiliant - -25% Gains in and out & -20% Military Casualties on defense & all science progression is halted (no new scientists will spawn and scientists will not gain experience)
    Godspeed - -10% attack speed & +10% Battle Gains & +15% Own Military Casualties
    Expedient - -15% Military Train time & -20% Military Training Costs & -20% Building Construction Time & -25% Construction Costs

    Mobile Option (less spoilers)

    Please use this thread to discuss the changes and make suggestions based on these changes
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