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Thread: Age 74 Final Changes

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    Age 74 Final Changes

    FINAL changes for age 74:

    There are lots of new dynamics to think about for this age so be sure to soak it all in while you prepare for a great Age 74!
    You'll notice an immediate major change that Undead is no longer a race but a personality and Elf has returned.

    Stances are being removed and will have new Rituals to help with some of the consequences of this. More Rituals have been added; with the removal of stances the existing Rituals were a little weak to replace such a strong mechanism in the game so Rituals have been buffed to reflect both the difficulty to cast them and the importance of having one active, which then in turn makes the destruction of opposing Rituals a more potent strategy.

    Quite a few new mechanics and features are listed so make sure to check those out.

    Feedback is always welcome, while further changes for this age is unlikely suggestions are welcome as well to be noted for future reference!!

    Age 73 End Schedule

    Age 73 End: Saturday November 4, 2017 @ 00:00 GMT
    Age 74 Open: Saturday November 4, 2017 @ 06:00 GMT
    Age 74 Start: Monday November 6, 2017 @ 18:00 GMT

    Age 74 FINAL Changes

    Mobile Option (less spoilers)

    Fixed Resilient typo
    Fixed Mystic typo
    Added information on Night Strike revision
    Adjust Godspeed
    Added Paladin Only Spells for easy reference (Nov 3 01:07)
    Updated Spells section of Mechanics (Nov 3 01:15)
    Updated Rituals section of Mechanics (Nov 3 01:50)
    Added Paladin's Inspiration to Paladin Only Spell list (Nov 3 09:06)

    Please use this thread to discuss the changes and make suggestions for future changes!
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