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Thread: Showdown On Island 1, Mystical Movies vs. Camelot!

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    Showdown On Island 1, Mystical Movies vs. Camelot!

    Music Fades In

    Good Morning. Welcome to Good Morning Utopia. I am Barbara Walters reporting to you from the front lines of a local war. We have some breaking news. In the past couple days there has been a hostility between two Kingdoms, Mystical Movies and Camelot. I was granted the opportunity to get to know each individual Kingdom and their perspectives on warring out of protection.

    King Oldman of Mystical Movies was kind enough to give me some history of his Kingdom. Mystical Movies has been around for some time now, but King Oldman took over the Kingdom two ages ago and led them to a 5/8 war win age.

    I also had the opportunity to briefly speak with Queen Alaura from Camelot and get a brief history on her kingdom. Camelot has been around for some time with players coming and going but their core has stuck through since Age 66. She is extremely happy with the players they have now and hope that they all mesh together for this exciting age that just started.

    It was a last minute decision for both Kingdoms to war Out of Protection. Camelot originally had another war lined up, but their opponent backed out last minute. Mystical Movies managed to message Camelot for a war 1 tick after protection dropped. Both Kingdoms like to keep the war forums clean but fun, playing games and tossing jokes around.

    I asked both sides, what was their plan strategy wise for usually warring out of protection? Both kingdoms were in agreement that you have to be flexible, imaginative, communicate, and dig deep for a win. As soon as war started, Mystical Movies hit Camelot with an Emerald dragon and followed up with a Gold 18hrs later. Will Camelot tank the Gold dragon or have they already killed it? This looks like it will turn out to be a long war, but evenly fought by both sides. Good luck to both sides and canít wait to see this pan out! Here are the stats for the first 24 hours of war. Stay tuned for updates and the conclusion on the war!

    ** The kingdom of 3:1 **
    Total land exchanged: +124 (77/110)
    +148 Evil Dead (5/2)
    +121 GhostBusters (7/2)
    +95 Young Frankenstein (2/0)
    +92 Ex Machina (2/0)
    +91 Nosferatu (3/0)
    +88 The Goonies (4/0)
    +83 Red Dawn (2/0)
    +62 chiraq (8/8)
    +61 Alice in Wonderland (4/2)
    +60 Never Never Land (2/0)
    +58 A Clockwork Orange (2/1)
    +52 Army of Darkness (5/2)
    +40 LuckyNumberSlevin (3/2)
    +32 SleepyHollow (4/3)
    +21 The Bourne Legacy (1/0)
    -28 Mystic knights (4/3)
    -38 Chester (3/1)
    -168 Blazing Saddles (5/21)
    -190 The Neverending Story (4/18)
    -242 We Were Soldiers (3/13)
    -314 Smegpie (4/32)

    ** The kingdom of 4:1 **
    Total land exchanged: -124 (110/77)
    +171 Earl of Wilmington (7/2)
    +138 King Arthur (4/0)
    +124 The Queens Obedient Minotaur (7/0)
    +108 Frownstown (7/2)
    +100 Barony of Suzhou (8/0)
    +89 Le Fay (6/0)
    +84 Wormelow Tump (6/1)
    +36 Isle of Mona (4/1)
    +32 Sir Titaniummagnet (6/5)
    +20 An unknown province (2/0)
    -7 Cork and Ale (3/3)
    -21 Alderley Edge (8/9)
    -40 Lyonesse (6/1)
    -46 Long Sword In The Stones (6/9)
    -48 Ol Soapbox Ere (11/9)
    -51 It is a silly place (0/1)
    -65 The Round Table (2/2)
    -78 Tintagel (4/2)
    -78 Lady of the Frozen Lake (1/2)
    -107 Gwenhwyfar (0/2)
    -109 Moody Vortigren (5/7)
    -117 Excalibur (0/2)
    -120 camelot blueorion (7/12)
    -139 Joyous Gard (0/5)

    Music Fades Out

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    well looks like this one is over. congrats mystical movies

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    Thanks for the war, Camelot. Good luck rest of age!

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    I thought its bad to give loc? Glad ya did though.
    I have been in both these KD. I was not fond of LeFay, but that's personal. She is not a bad person, we just clashed a byte. I actually recruited Cork and his buddies to join. Camelot is OK.
    Oldman is a fine Monarch but I had a dispute about using Slack. I guess in hindsight I shoulda used Slack... W00F 5/8 , I was told I am selfish.
    there is no Dog in your Mom's kitchen. GL to both KD rest of age. mmm Bacon
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    You can give out locations now as long as it's not target sharing (eg. DavidC in 1:1 has nearly 2mil gc and only .4 mtpa, enjoy!)

    Congratulations on the war win

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    Good Morning Utopia,

    I apologize for the late update on the Showdown On Island #1. As many of you may know, Mystical Movies managed to pull out a war win to start off the age, but do not give discredit to Camelot as they fought valiantly!!!

    I was given the opportunity to hear from both sides on the war but both Kingdoms are relatively busy at the moment getting ready for their next wars.

    Mystical Movies managed to launch 3 dragons during war towards Camelot as Camelot was able to slay all 3 dragons. Hats off to Camelot for the slayings! Unfortunately even though Camelot had the TM power, the slaying of the dragons destroyed their econ and Mystical Movies was able to slowly start pulling away. Camelot decided to withdraw instead of dragging out the war so they would be able to get into their next war faster. Both Queen Alaura of Camelot and King Oldman of Mystical Movies stated the war could have gone either way and had a pleasure warring each other. Will there be a re-match later this age? We will wait and see to find out! Here is a brief summary of the war stats.

    ** Summary **
    Total attacks made: 265 (8,155 acres)
    Total attacks suffered: 284 (7,015
    ** The kingdom of 3:1 **
    Total land exchanged: +1,140 (265/284)

    Thank you all for tuning in to the breaking news! And a special thanks goes out to King Oldman and Queen Alaura for allowing the Utopia Community to follow your war!

    Signing off, this is Barbara Walters


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    Oh, I like those news. Reminding me of old utopiatemple articles. Keep it up!

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    Thanks for the write up!

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