The GMT setup was part of my attempt to accommodate the contemporary requirements of an aging player base. Prompting a look at Eliptical Waving, my endeavor is to achieve constant activity by traditional minimum standards. Consider that each division should be up to the 2 uniques a day benchmark I've always found humorous in recruiting. None the less, it's the template of realism. I'm not a player who enjoys predictability, but a lot of guys do. If you forward the math and account for a 10am Singapore GMT first wave and roughly a 10pm second, there will be a cross scale going when perhaps Estonia begins it's first wave.

There will be avians and tacticians, campers and killers moving in the Elliptical Wave in separate orbits.

The initial design of TVK 74 wasn't aimed at particular GMT but I tried to apply appropriate divisions from my experiences. Asia was given the most no nonsense division I could provide in that a bocan rogue, elf mystic and orc tactician are pretty solid choices for objective based strategies. Bart can tell you. This division is backed by the sturdy economies of dwarf war hero and human sage.

I'm skipping to the HQ division because I want to explain the Western European theory. They just have better jobs than most of us and their presence in Utopia has demonstrated a higher activity level. They'll often deny this, but I notice who's on more often than not. Many have a nurturing if exasperated attitude that serves support roles well. I wanted them to have unbreakables to work with and ego boost through helping others. Finally, it appears to me Western Europeans work well in t/m teams.

The Deluxe and Continental Divisions are aimed at us, the US and Eastern Europeans. We tend to be more attacker happy, enjoying vicious assaults. While we both can be blessed with highly intellectual players we can adapt the strats to compliment our biases. These are the divisions where NM and plague happen.

The Plaza Division mirrors the Premier with differences in target specifications. A good economy and overall capability aimed at the quiet guys that win wars for the other side. This division finds the enemy who might be maintaing chain alignments, ops and attack in unspectacular fashion. You know the guy that seems to only eat 6 attacks a war? Yeah, those guys. - Anyways, by pushing enemies away we allow Premier to function more freely.