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Thread: Welcome our newest Utopia Talk Moderators

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    Welcome our newest Utopia Talk Moderators

    Greetings Utopians!

    We are proud to introduce two new members of the Moderator Team for the Utopia Talk sub-forum, Allanon and Proteus. These two are long standing members of the community and are well versed both in-game and on the Forums. They will specifically be focused on moderating the Utopia Talk sub-forum and we are very excited to welcome them to our team!

    Allanon found Utopia in 1998 and has been a long-standing member of the Utopian community in various roles for many many years before retiring in 2013.
    He returned mid 2017 working hard to re-establish relationships throughout the community rather than pledging allegiance to specific factions over the years. His primary interests lie in the strategy within the game and leading wars. He is no stranger to the delicate art of diplomacy and we're hoping this experience will be a valuable asset in his moderation efforts.

    Proteus joined the Utopia Community sometime between 2001 - 2002 and has played on and off to this day. During his Utopia career, he has been been part of a number of kingdoms and alliances (with many being on opposing sides). He has spent the vast majority of his time focusing on competitive play in the “top” land/networth charts as a member of the leadership team in the various kingdoms he has been a part of. He mostly enjoys the strategy element of the long term macro planning for his Kingdoms as well as planning Kingdom preparation. He is also well versed in the strategy and execution of 'cow' play and planning while it was around.

    This should give you all an idea of the dedication and passion we see from these community members that we hope will help transform these Forums into a flourishing environment of constructive competitive conversation.

    We are excited to add these two long standing veterans to our team and expect they will provide an unbiased approach in enforcing the rules as we've updated them by keeping the forums under control and to assist in providing a welcoming atmosphere and environment that all players feel comfortable engaging in.

    Welcome Allanon and Proteus, and good luck!
    Please e-mail Utopia Support for any in-game related issues at

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    Cheers David. A pleasure to join the team, and I look forward to working with everyone in the community to make these forums a great place to socialise, network and spend time :)
    "The phrase... 'Who's your daddy?'... comes to mind"

    Please make any complaints or requests regarding moderation to myself directly or a member of the Game Administration staff. Complaints in threads will be purged as per forum policy

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    moar people yay. Welcome u 2

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    Just wanted to say thanks to Dave, Jeff, and the MUGA team, it’s really an honor to assist with this aspect of our community.

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    This is nice. Good luck and thanks.

    @David: It might help to include in the rules post how one reports a forum post (ie clicking the report post icon which I hadn't even realised was there until Palem mentioned it in a thread somewhere).

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    Welcome both.

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    Allanon Join Date: May 1984 :O

    That's the first time I'm seeing someone on this forum with a join date prior to 2008! Hell, it's even before the game was started :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrinky View Post
    Allanon Join Date: May 1984 :O

    That's the first time I'm seeing someone on this forum with a join date prior to 2008! Hell, it's even before the game was started :D
    time travel

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