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Thread: Abolish Ritual

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    Abolish Ritual

    Is this spell bugged?

    Weve tried like 15 succesful casts and it still says 99%
    First 10 on 1 prov and then 5 on the other.

    Is it 2% destroyed per cast? or 2% destroyed per 10 casts?

    Thanks if you know!
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    Afaik you don't see the dmg done but the last cast needed to destroy the ritual will have different message.

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    Yeah, I've found that you just have to keep track by yourself.

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    there must also be a minimum 48h before a ritual can be destroyed

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    once you get enough casts theres a countdown timer in enemy sots which ticks down to the 48h minimum :)

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    Abolish Ritual is virtually never utilised in my experience, but there are some important caveats to those who'd like to use it.

    It can never be destroyed within 48 hours of being enabled.
    Each province has a limit to how many casts they can do before AR stops affecting the strength of your opponents ritual. If memory serves, it's 10 per province. Subsequent casts are useless. DE are great, but on and after the 11th AR casting, they're wasting runes.

    I think rituals are the best thing since Fort was removed (and I'm very glad it was), but abolishing them is almost never worthwhile, hence the overt lack of player knowledge on the topic.
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    its situational imo. we have had 1 kd use it on us, but it was too late in the war for it to benefit them. it doesnt really require much prep or anything to use it though so if you ever think it might work in your favor then you might as well try it. just steal runes and use chained provs for casting.
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    My kingdom used it in a war to great effect, but it is situational. If you have 5 good low-wpa targets to cast on, it can be worth it. It's a heck of a lot cheaper to abolish than it is to replace. If you can do it within a few hours, knock their ritual out just at the 48hr mark. Then they have to decide, replace it, or finish the war without.

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    It really depends on your setup and how much wpa you have across the kd to cast, but also if you're able to take out enough time from it. Worst case, it's not hard to cast from chainees on bloated attackers. I think we've so far used it in almost every war that was clearly not mintime and generally wrap it up in 12-18h or so, given decent rune flow. If the war is clearly not mintime, or if the enemy started the ritual a while before war started, we try to AR basically right in time for it's 48h mark. We've yet to find a situation where we thought it was better to not AR ASAP, with the exception of maybe econ control in really long wars (we just ARed the 3rd ritual in our last war, but had to leave one of them on for a bit more than 48h, because focused FBs felt more important...)

    Sadly, we do have to use a spreadsheet to keep track of it though, because game doesn't have support for it. But if you're coordinated enough to want to AR, I think spinning up a google spreadsheet and putting it in the throne message is not that hard. Also, to be fair, at least this age they did make it auto-show on sot that AR was complete and now it says it will disappear in X hours, where X is updated to its mintime. Also to be fair, I'd rather they invest the resources in adding game supported tracking, if this is something that people actually use and struggle with (say based on how many kds actually use it and how many extra ARs get done, despite the clear message after the 10th per prov).

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