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Thread: Dragon strength

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    Dragon strength

    I was wondering how the strength was calculated.
    We recieved a ruby at 230k points.
    We send an emerald and only has 220k points strength
    My assumption is that it based on the strength of KD nw at the time you send, but the cost is calculated on the nw when you start it.
    I feel a bit betrayed. I fund a 12m dragon and it has less power than a ruby because we loose nw during the war. Shouldn't the dragon have the strength based on starting nw?

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    As far as I know, the dragons cost and strength are fixed based on the kingdom networth at the point of starting the dragon. However, different dragons have different amounts of "health". Sapphire's are cheaper, but die easier, for example.
    I suspect that accounts for the discrepancy.
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    For the record, a question probably better asked in the strategy forum.

    Cost is based on whichever kd nw is highest at the time of starting it. Health is determined by the nw of the receiving kd at the time of sending it. Dragon type also affects both these values, as per the wiki guide.
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