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Thread: Trump's priorities

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    Trump's priorities
    “evidence-based” and “science-based”, among others, are now forbidden because......... religion doesn't meet those criteria????

    What's next? New witch hunts in Salem?

    Meanwhile, Trump managed to inflame relations between Israel and the Palestines because of stupid policies that help nobody but the international arms dealers.
    And let's not forget the latest FCC ruling that will allow new and unprecedented levels of internet censorship.
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    Not sure if there is anything left to discuss regarding Trump.

    Good luck.

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    Guys stopped getting worked up about this kind of stuff. It was already proven false by the CDC. News is generally fake anymore, why I stopped paying attention to it. Like the entire thing with Isreal, again fake news in 1995 we voted to move it to Jerusalem, Trump just finally moved it. Even Obama on more then one occasion said Jerusalem was the capital. Again fake news.
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