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    Utopia Apparel

    Here ye! Here ye fellow Utopians!

    We come with news from across the lands, Official Utopia Apparel will soon be available!!

    We would like to first present the community artists an opportunity to make their mark by submitting artwork that may be displayed on this new apparel. Any/all submissions are welcome, whether you want to design the entire t-shirt art (front/back or both) with logos and letters etc, or if you just want to submit an Orc v Avian megabattle. We plan on offering a multitude of various designs that we have in mind already and would love to use custom artwork created by the you! After all, it is our imagination that drives us to through the vast World of Legends, what better way to show off the game you love so much than with custom apparel displaying your vision of Utopia to the world!

    To give you a brief idea on some of our potential thoughts:
    1) Standard Utopia logo front breast & rear with or without custom lettering (or standard lettering i.e. Which path will you take to the crown?)
    2) Logo, artwork, lettering
    3) Logo, artwork, Age specific data (rankings, age name, prov rankings or kd rankings or both)
    -- a) This is under consideration as potential prize for age winners (kds/provs)

    If you would like to submit your artwork to be considered as Official Utopia Apparel, please send your work to:

    Anyone that submits artwork that gets the Utopia stamp of approval to be used on Utopia apparel will be sent 2 free apparel items of your choice!

    This request will remain open with no deadlines for artwork submissions.

    Apparel will become available in the coming weeks with another announcement once available!

    Pricing info will be available shortly. Pricing for international shipments may all have to be on a case by case basis due to international shipping requirements (and our inexperience with it).

    Please use the thread found here to discuss apparel designs and ideas!
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