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So fw was a good move? That is breaking the laaaaaaaaaaw!
We will drag ofc. Why declare? gonna be eoa fight anyway.

I told the devs about this lame tactics to change it mid game, they didnt listen or talk. So this was a good way of showing the lameness.

Lionell, you play in sparta? I cant recall that you were whining about it being lame when they did it for two weeks. And that Ronin cane after 3 days and wanted a war...

Question is will devs do anything about this kind of organized war aka fake war or allow it? Will be interesting for future.
It ended before I could comment. So if you ask me now... dragging hostile is lame but if it works for them then it's a good strat... the throttle mechanics by principle is supposed to be good to protect kd from waves of bigger kd and bullies but it needs some fixing and specially the random factors in some ops is broken when throttle begins. I dont know how this random mechanics work but Im pretty sure it is broken during a throttle. There should be somehow throttle on ops too from the opposing side. I dont know you guys know better.