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Thread: Military Efficiency: wages + sci

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    Military Efficiency: wages + sci

    Hey, I'm a bit confused. When looking at the military advisor, I see my base ME is 131.3%. I've been almost always running 200% wages, and my military science is at +22.1% ME. So how do I figure out what my ME is without science (ie, the contribution from wages)?

    If it's only ~9%, that seems way too low because my wages have been 200% for a long time.

    It would be useful if this was more clearly differentiated in the Military Advisor.

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    200% Wages gets you around 1.076 or so...

    To get what you are looking for you could do;

    1.313 / 1.221 = 1.07534... Utopia does some rounding.

    The actual formula used for Wages is;

    Base Military Efficiency = ( 60 + 40 * ( Effective Wage Rate / 100 ) ^0.25 )

    so 200% =

    60 + 40 * (200/100) ^0.25

    60 + 40 * (1.1892...)

    = 107.56828...

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    So it's Just 7% for 200% wage?

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    That 7% gets multiplied by other bonuses(sci, tg, forts, honor etc.) so it's worth having it oow or at the beginning of the war. Once the destruction starts you can lower it if you can't sustain 200% wages.

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    I find that while it is definally worth it I would rather have 100% payrate until I reach a draft rate that is maybe 5% from where I want it to be and put the extra monney towards training up until that point, going 200% to early can prevent you from getting where you should be compared to everyone else fast enought, I always eyeball theis moment, so maybe others have a real calculation on the ups and downs of this, and can give a definite answer on when exactly this change should be made.

    In war I would recomend adjusting wages to 100% in most situations, it takes 5-7 days to drop to 100% base ME as far as I remember and your war could well be over by then, in case your opponents allow your ecconomy to boom you could put it back up to 200% or something in between and if not you would be better of trying to maintain the number of troops, of course if your kingdom goes to war with a billion gc across the board you could stay at 200% and take advantage of that, but it is always a choice, you could run out faster than your opponent or you could have put that extra gold toward a dragon.

    The moment you get chained chances are that you need to put payrate down to 50%, and at that point whatever you did prior to this with your payrate don't matter anymore, but in most cases the faster and more efficient chaining kingdom win the day, if you can gain your team enought time to chain more of the opponents, or you can maintain army out due to holding a bit of gold and not burden your kingdom with aid requests that goes a long way in otherwise evenly matched fights.

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