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Yeah, most of our warring partners are either our size or a bit bigger when we wave them. Counting on the land lost (or still in transit) after that wave, sometimes causes them to be a tad smaller when they declare.

Bottomfeeding and ghettobashing is for nubs!
man, how do you win a war after initiating with a wave? our kd tried this earlier on in the age. waving kd after kd until some1 wanted to fight. 1 kd did want to fight, after 24 hours of ops on our ass. They won that war.

Shortly after, a kd waved us and we decided to do the same. Our ops hurt them HARD, we won the war before we clicked the button, it was like taking candy from a baby.

Stupid mechanics imo, completely discourages waving, and arranged wars are so hard to find and lame.