Im just a steward but it helps to send out war mails offering war to like 6-8 kds around your acres, just check rankings to see where you will come out of eowcf and then you can predict sizes etc.

Be friendly and youll often get a decent response.

We have just finished our 6th war, 4 wins.
If your afraid of losing you need to lose that mindset.

Warring is the best part of the game. and lets be fair EOWCF is the best area to get your **** dialed.
Abduct waves are okay, but dangerous. if you give away hostile someone might draw out hostile and op you to **** and then hit the button.
Also abducts and massacres can lead to them declaring on you and chaining those with 0 incoming acres. easy to win against you if theyre coordinated.

I dont know about other kingdoms but i love being in war, Rogues are OP this age tho :P