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    The Ascended

    We are currently looking for up to 3 new folk, we had to clear out a few undesirables, and then we lost a guy over the holidays.

    About Us:

    We are a war kingdom, for the most part we go in and out of wars constantly. War, EOWCF/Pump, next war. We took a break over the holidays and it was rough! Winning/losing isn't as much of a concern as having fun. (We do aim to win though, so following orders is a must)

    We use Discord to chat, and munk for intel. We have not mandated the use of these (yet), but will probably mandate at least munk usage for the next age.

    Currently looking for attackers, or possibly a Mystic or two. (Play DE/Mystic or WH and run suicide Ospecs at war start and I'll live vicariously through you)

    Drop me a line if you are interested.
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