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Thread: EOA Council History

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    EOA Council History

    Just because this topic gets made from time to time and i have a stat i'd like to gloat about ;) 0 Hits taken all age

    Highest Networth 679397 Total Land Gained in Combat 180
    Highest Land Area 2094 Attacks Suffered 0
    Highest Honor 5505 Times Defeated 0
    Total Land Explored 292 Total Land Lost in Combat 0
    Total Attacks Made 17 Thievery Operations Attempted 1337
    Total Wins 17 Successful Thievery Operations 927
    Wins Against Larger Opponents 0 Spells Attempted 1548
    Average Relative Opponent Networth 44% Successful Spells 1162
    Support Spells Attempted 437 Successful Support Spells 367

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    Highest Networth 1068303 Total Land Gained in Combat 18343
    Highest Land Area 7412 Attacks Suffered 241
    Highest Honor 3126 Times Defeated 234
    Total Land Explored 941 Total Land Lost in Combat 15254
    Total Attacks Made 200 Thievery Operations Attempted 2609
    Total Wins 187 Successful Thievery Operations 1435
    Wins Against Larger Opponents 78 Spells Attempted 1449
    Average Relative Opponent Networth 98% Successful Spells 1017

    Nothing too special. Avian war hero, managed to hold vcount for all of a couple ticks all age long lol! Sort of a waste. At least I broke 1M nw. Pity I won't end over.

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    to late for me now, but pretty sure I took 1st for land with Dryad due to the 3:16 guy getting massively slammed by 6:12 and my last minute hit on 8:7, did not even get to see the kills, the game was slow and I suddenly got redirected to a commercial, has hapened a lot when I idle on a page ingame lately.

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    Damn, didn't save mine. I managed to hit 6300 acres and 2.2 million nw with 0 acres explored as a faery tactician

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    I didn't save mine, but I got hit 300 times this age, new record for me lol

    rule #12 no dutchies allowed.
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    --Amendment 1.2: <3 chrissi
    --Amendment 1.3: snirpsner is by far the best dutchie ever. <3
    --Amendment 1.4: Prot and Darkie are OK in my book.

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