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Thread: List idea contributors

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    List idea contributors

    I think that change ideas the admins adopt from users should be credited as such, to the best of their ability. There are a few reasons for this:

    - Many users have a personal motive for changes. Either to benefit their style of play or their segment of the player base or what have you. Knowing where changes are hailing from can help us all more accurately evaluate their impact and merit imo.
    - It will deflect vitriol away from Zawk, since we can berate the suggestions' originator instead.
    - Lastly, and I only list this to appeal to individuals I consider to be undesirable (so, begrudgingly), it can act as a participation trophy of sorts for people whose ideas get adopted.

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    This would be pretty interesting, and I wish they'd have been doing it all along. Also, I wouldn't mind (if they were to do this) also adding a notes section, so we could have some clarity on why certain things were changed. I suspect neither of these things will ever happen, but both would be interesting.

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