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    imo that game looks terrible, i hope you guys didnt spend a lot of money buying it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pillz View Post
    I'm just happy I've kept this avatar all these years. Still relevant.
    Steel never has a nice thing to say, and this is so tame, it might be approval. How about playing Generals and winning some? They have replays of your games, and team play is my favorite game option. You can even make custom maps, speed up or slow down time, or play bots. For you guys who play a text based game like Uto, you're sure judgie...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Panthira View Post
    Steel never has a nice thing to say, and this is so tame, it might be approval.
    Only if you're ignorant of the reference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zauper View Post
    Yes, we do also have plans to improve generals. The original developer is working for us on those items. This doesn't remove any of the resources or money that we are putting into improvements on this side.

    We originally approached generals as an affinity partner, looking to cross-promote and potentially embed -- thinking that there was a great overlap between the two games, with generals being a tactics-focused short play game, and utopia being a more long-term strategic game. Many of the players of each would enjoy the other, and generals could be embedded inside of utopia to give players something to do in downtime between ticks when they might be out of stealth/mana and have armies out.

    The owner suggested this route instead, and we are happy with this outcome. We still have the same vision, because we feel like the two games have solid synergies with each other. If you aren't interested in, don't play it. Bored while the game is ticking? Maybe play a quick round of generals instead of spamming refresh the way I do. Or don't. Our hope is that some of their more vibrant userbase will help us to revitalize utopia when they find that they enjoy the more long-term strategic approach. Our goal is not to push people from utopia to generals; frankly, the nature of generals is that it's playerbase will be more temporary, but it has a significantly larger userbase. This isn't utopia kingdoms, we haven't built a pay to win game that we want to push you into instead of utopia. Our hope is for both communities -- that already exist and don't need to be built -- to be enriched by the interaction.
    Just going to +1 this ^^
    Zauper said it quite well, there are no plans to push anyone anywhere. Generals has a large community and a very easily marketable game with very simple gameplay. It has a larger user base than Utopia and it has much much higher new users. Simply put, the cross-promotion potential in both directions is what we're looking for. We feel that Utopia players will be inclined to enjoy the gameplay of Generals and that Generals players will be inclined to enjoy Utopia. Each game is very different in it's activity and time requirements which makes them perfect for each other to blend well.
    That said, Generals is not for everyone and neither is Utopia, our only motive for promoting Generals to Utopia players is to offer you another way to engage with your fellow Kingdom mates, or Generals players.

    @ Yadda - You are reading that completely wrong. MUGA (the company that owns Utopia) is looking for a way (Generals) to increase engagement for it's users (Utopia users). Translated: MUGA wants Utopia users to engage with other Utopia users via Generals during Utopia downtime (waiting for tick, waiting for wave, waiting for army return, you've run out of stealth/mana). && Second Primary objective to get Generals players to join Utopia.
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    Thank you dev guys. Haven't looked yet, but it sounds cool. (barely have the energy to make instant coffee)

    The idea seems interesting.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bishop View Post
    Correct me then, instead of being a dick about it.
    love that thick mahogany back with no belly carve or anything...pure thick wood ! The thing ROCK is made of !
    Weed bowls

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