Greetings Utopians!!

It is a good day that lay ahead of us, the sun is shining bright and good fortune draws near. The MUGA team is proud to announce a recent acquisition of an additional game, We have grand plans for the integration of Generals on a broader scope to provide a range of fun new things to do and a new atmosphere and sense of community into the world of Utopia that we hope to see develop over time. At this time both are separate as we continue to work out the best way forward for both communities.

We encourage everyone to try your hand over there and introduce yourselves to the community. There are some developments currently in the works by the game developer (not Munk!) which include things like rankings resets, and seasons with weekly ladders and tournaments. Specific details on all that will be posted on the site.

The MUGA Discord server (in addition to the currently existing Discord server) continues to grow and people are always around to answer questions or play some quick matches.

As always we value the feedback from our community and want to hear what you think of and want some of your ideas of how you might like to see it integrated within Utopia as a mini-game.

For comments related to Generals please use this thread found here.