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Thread: A better level playing field

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    Quote Originally Posted by khronosschoty View Post
    Got suggestion to modify this suggestion, how about anther server where its all mixing and if you as a kingdom do well on the auto merge server can request to move over to the normal server that is not auto mixed.
    I dont forsee that happening often, cause it'd require abandoning their 'primary' kd. But it's better than the OP

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    Quote Originally Posted by slacko View Post
    I know utopia start to merge smaller kingdom together.

    Every Age, i see that the top5 kd usually are way way too big for the rest.
    Maybe they are just too good or too active etc. They should help to guide the rest of utopia to that stage.

    It is good to make the race balanced. But should we also make the kingdom balanced as well.
    Last age, top2 kd nw is almost twice the kingdom in 6th place.

    My suggestions is :
    1) Split the top kingdoms into half and merge with smaller kd.

    Benefit :
    -hope the good players can guide the lesser players
    -the lesser player can adopt and learn good practise of the top kd
    - 13 hardcore players + 10 average player. i guess that is a good mixture.

    - the top players might not want to teach the weaker players
    -the top player might left utopia.
    - no motivation to get the crown and get split in the end.
    Despite the critical advice I see in this thread I'm glad you made your voice heard. It's opinions like yours that go directly to the source of community concerns. Negativity often prevails. They want things as they are instead of seeing suggestions like this as an S.O.S.

    As a community we shouldn't be trying to correct your point of view but asking ourselves better questions about the small number of players that keep this game moving.

    For instance the top and many other players see the inclusion of munkbot as a plus whereas I, a vocal journeyman, see it as a detriment because much of the community is hopelessly conformist. At no point has a bot wielding kingdom proven to be a more daunting foe than one without. It's a nice tool, it can't play for you. But let's look deeper: because conformity results in a less dynamic community.

    Kingdoms trying to get better occupy themselves with conformity rather than kicking ass. I'm serious. You go anywhere and it's a freakshow of "join this and download that" and nobody pays attention to the field.

    I've often noted that the great mechanical thinkers dominate the majority of the game and the ages. It's when an intuitive thinker decides to compete that we suddenly see the mechanical thinkers taken aback. It is so in history and is so in Utopia. We should be regarding suggestions such as these intuitively: this deserves our ingenuity not criticism.
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