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Thread: No pre-war hostilities

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    No pre-war hostilities

    I feel as though Iíve noticed a pattern around kingdoms in our general size, that they donít ever agree to war terms that includes hostilities or pre war ops other than intel.

    Is this a function of the opponents we are engaging, or is this a natural evolution of Utopia?

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    Combo of game mechanics, race combos, db and other kingdoms interfering. Creates situation where instant wars are really the only way to go.

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    Yes, people generally prefer to have these 'arranged' Wars these days, hoping to avoid potential outside interference ... I, for one, prefer naturally evolving Hostilities for my own entertainment, but I see the why there is a desire to control some of the variables on the part of those who are trying to plan an engagement for their KD.

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    Previous leadership in my kingdom found that "deals" for war seemed to always go wrong. Any sort of arranged war just seems to go wrong - all our wars basically were one of the two kingdoms deciding to start wailing on an in range enemy as an "offer". Maybe one of them was a "Hey, wanna war? Ya, looks like a good match, could work. Cool, like 6 hours good? Uh... ya, sure, you don't look any more ready than we are." Anything with terms lead to a bunch of prep, ****ing around getting ready, and then something going way wrong.

    Different in the top I'm sure, where you've NAPed most of the others in range, and aren't going to eat a random wave since a button is too scary to give up. But we just kinda hulk smashed stuff, and maybe 1/3 of the ones in range went to war. (And about half were just feeding waves... though about 10% of those go to war too!) Gonna be even more like that this age I think, cause we aren't planning to win as a main goal, just to have lots of competitive wars. So any in range offer we probably just go for, even if we're a little outgunned at the start. The problem is without all those NAPs and the "don't hit up" directives protecting us, it's a toss up if extra time makes us stronger or weaker... and sometimes we get just pummeled while oow, so getting to a war quick is safer.
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    Do you guys feel this adds value to the game experience?

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    It's basically the same as fortified except it takes 2 kingdoms to participate. Kingdoms war their friends now to help them get ahead instead of warring enemies to push them out of the competition. Any conflicts with actual animosity are conducted in hostile to prevent the other kingdom from deriving benefits.

    I suppose it's better for the game experience in the sense that you need to work together with your friends across the server to win rather than going at one another like starving, rabid dogs in an actual competition. There is a strange juxtaposition between the mechanics and the 'farm war' rules though, which can be tedious to navigate at times.
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    I love it. I arranged all but one of my wars last age(9 total I think) using war proposal.

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    This age I used the offer war function for the first time ever and did an arranged war since many many ages :D

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    There were awesome times once, long before ticks, when war meter decided the winner and random was real, banging someone 5 sec before end of war. Game had so many awesome people then, now it is obvious what kind of not awesome players cheated their way into present game. This is not utopia but absalom version on their skill in the game. Sad, but true.

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