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Thread: Intel Accuracy

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    Intel Accuracy

    Why would less than 100% accurate intel give 100% accurate figures? For example an inaccurate SoM might give you the wrong OME/DME and total def, but the number of units out will be bang on, and since most users are using some kind of 3rd party tool, they can turn this 'less than 100%' intel, into 100% accurate data for them to use over and over.

    If you get inaccurate intel, the numbers of troops in the armies that are out, should be inaccurate along with everything else. Just like SoS/Survey should show varying effects, quantities of building/scientist when it is not accurate.

    Maybe before bots were so prevalent this had a place in reducing stealth/thief consumption, but it seems cheesy to me at this point- Tactician intel perk is pretty pointless it would seem?

    Make inaccurate intel inaccurate.

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    Didn't know this (I don't use inaccurate intel). I agree inaccurate intel should be inaccurate.

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    It's a hold over from many moons ago I think. It's been that way for as far as I can recall anyway.
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    Gotta agree with RattleHead here. Inaccurate is inaccurate. And indeed nullifying Tact's bonus

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