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I just got a friend into this game. He was loving it and eating it up. Fits his lifestyle and he's played a lot of MUDs in the past. I got him over the rainbow build draw and the like, and he was just starting to grasp the concept of how important (X)pa is.

So I look to see they won their 2nd war which is sweet! And then I don't see him on their kd page.. they killed him off. He had no threats or requests to defect, it was eowcf so he hadn't logged in a number of hours but really who cares. HE IS NEW. How is this game supposed to grow and get more fun if kds are just killing new players instead of teaching them?!
If they just won their 2nd war this early, they aren't a garbage ghetto. They might be ghetto, but even in the ghetto it takes some level of skill to win 2 wars in the first few weeks. Some veteran ghettos still haven't won a war this age. I know of at least one long established kingdom that hasn't won a single war in several ages. You not liking them doesn't make them garbage.
Also, if they've been winning and still razed him; there's a reason. If he were a contributing factor to their wins, he'd still be around. Which means your story stinks to high heaven. If you just brought him into the game, why not bring him into your own kingdom and train him there? Don't get pissed at some other kingdom for not being willing to put up with whatever it was that ultimately caused him to get killed off. I would put money on him having not followed orders properly and didn't engage with the kingdom in chat/forums.