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Thread: Godspeed vs Onslaught

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    Godspeed vs Onslaught

    There is no contest which of these rituals is best. Godspeed will always be the better choice in war. To make Onslaught more competitive, I propose the following for Godspeed and Onslaught...


    +15% Attack Speed
    +10% Battle Gains


    +10% OME
    -15% Combat Losses on attack and defense.
    +10% Enemy Combat Losses on attack and defense

    This would at least make it more of a choice which one to pick in war because currently there is really no reason to use Onslaught over Godspeed. Just my two cents.
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    I'd rather remove ritual effects from war altogether. The current situation where you get waved by a kd with a ready ritual while not being able to get one / having yours nearly expired makes responding with war a suicidal affair. Even if there is some skill discrepancy, the kd with the active ritual wins as it gets an enormous advantage in war. It just leads to sniping behaviour and trying to surprise a kingdom with a ready ritual. an intel repository (or: "pimp alternative") for utopia (read the guide).

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