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Thread: Modify TD formula to account for partial losses.

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    Modify TD formula to account for partial losses.

    TDs, as they are currently coded, do not reduce incidental losses on ops. (Or heretics, also, for that matter)

    Revise the formula to make the -losses bonus apply to partial losses as well. It's extra apparent when you're sending 4-5 tpa (raw) worth of thieves to do riots, and you're losing twice as many thieves on successful ops then you are on fails, because the formula doesnt account for loss reduction when the op doesn't actually fail.
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    I agree with this

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    Makes sense for TDs, Heretic does specifically say its for failed ops only, so I am fine with that staying as is, but also would be fine to see Heretic go to '-66% thieves lost on all ops' instead of just failed ops

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    Agreed on TDs, just not on Heretic (encroaches too much on Rogue if you do imo)
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