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Thread: Multi-World Functionality Testing (Genesis)

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    Multi-World Functionality Testing (Genesis)

    Greetings Utopians!

    I know you are all as excited as we are to hear the announcement that Genesis is finally on the horizon!!

    We refer to the availability of additional game worlds as Multi-World Functionality because it allows us the ability to have several game worlds running at the same time and accessible to everyone with a single user account! This allows everyone to log in like normal with their existing user account (where we have all sorts of cool historical data stored for use in displaying user achievements in the future) and have several game worlds to choose from that you can log into and play.

    Before we can allow this to go live in concurrence with the live WoL server we need to test this completely to ensure there are as few bugs as possible encountered when it does go live.

    Here's some general information to get things started, as mentioned in the original admin message it's advised that you join the MUGA Discord Server to take full advantage of our help if you encounter any issues, but also things will go much quicker and smoother if you are available to chat. Additionally there are plenty of people always around to provide assistance and advice.

    The testing of Multi-World Functionality is taking place on our staging server which is a completely separate physical server with a different web address, however, certain things will push you back to the live version of Utopia so it's always advisable to be weary of what server you are on while we are testing things on the staging environment. Once again, if weird things happen Discord is the best place to report them and get help if you need it.

    Because this is all a test and is on a separate physical server there is some functionality that appears but is not available, like the shop (which will push you back to live WoL Utopia) and invites which won't work.
    However, we ARE allowing special circumstances to allow for more testing to take place. For example, we are allowing you to create as many provinces as you like on both TEST servers. You will require my help to verify all your accounts though (again, Discord will work fastest for this). And we are allowing you to move into any Kingdom you like if you message me.

    The new worlds that are currently online are vastly different race/personality changes which I won't post here, you will just have to view the pages yourself and make your assessments from there! It is quite important to get to the staging server the links must always be exact, or you will end up on the live WoL server:
    Staging Landing Page:

    Just FYI, race/personality details should be mostly the same for both BF/GEN, the major difference is the tick lengths (BF = 20 minutes & GEN = 10 minutes). We do want to make sure both servers get populated with as many people and provinces that would like to play so that we can really see what it will be like with a larger population of users.

    To spice things up a bit there are also quite a few game parameters that are different that won't be easily apparent but I will try to cover all of them:
    • Overpopulation occurs at 135%
    • Thieves refuse to work at 140% overpopulation
    • Rioting from overpopulation occurs at 150%
    • Building Efficiency is max at 60% jobs filled
    • Construction Time is 12 days (as opposed to 16)
    • Prisoners generate more gc
    • You can conquest up to 100% your size
    • Kingdom Size is 7 (you can play an entire Kingdom yourself, just ask in Discord for me to verify your accounts and move you together)
    • Vacation Mode minimum duration is 6 hours
    • Explore Pool grows by 5 acres per tick
    • Timers that require non-hostile actions are set to 10 minutes
    • The cool-down period after leaving Vacation Mode is 10 minutes
    • Starting Scientists is 75
    • Jobs produce ~75% more gc
    • Scientist Generation is more than double
    • Army Train time is 20 ticks
    • It takes 100 minutes to enter Vacation Mode
    • War Win Minimum Bonus land is 2000 acres (instead of 4000)

    Once again, we encourage everyone who wants to help test Multi-World Functionality to join us in the MUGA Discord Server and are excited to get testing underway in hopes to see a LIVE Genesis style server available soon!

    The Staging environment is set to begin ticking (currently in FREEZE time) in approximately 9 hours!

    Good luck to everyone!
    If you have any suggestions, feedback or comments please voice your opinions in Discord or use this thread HERE!
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