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Thread: Utopia Bets

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    Utopia Bets

    I see many do bets out there in utopia can we mention bets that has been made in history of utopia and if the parites settled after ?

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    Cant think of a single one!

    But I bet you can? (subtle thread btw)
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    I made a bet with goodz once I think I honored the deal.

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    Proteus is the undisputed bet master. All others are small change.
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    After proteus failed to pay kuhan, I think people figured 'hey if a stand up guy like Donpropro doesn't need to pay his bet, why should I? "and thus few if any ever get settled.

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    No way proteus should be able to close #paykuhan threads. Where's Robert Mueller?

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    Just a reminder, making bets on the game equates to gambling, which in some regions is considered a criminal activity outside of licensed premesis or businesses. As such, no discussion regarding or discussing such activities is permitted on these boards.
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    Please make any complaints or requests regarding moderation to myself directly or a member of the Game Administration staff. Complaints in threads will be purged as per forum policy

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