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Thread: Tag provinces with emojis

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    Tag provinces with emojis

    I propose to let monarch/steward attach emojis to provinces in the kdpage visible to the kingdom only. Emojis are compact & visually arresting, very ideal to make Utopia less verbose.

    Such tagged emojis will be visible in kdpage as well as any target selection menu.

    What's the point?
    Imagine in RC, your orders:
    Attack {skull}
    FB on {a} {b}
    ET on {chicken} {lizard} {cat}

    Bonus if a "name plate" is added automatically to matching emojis to display the tagged province names.

    Then in your war room, you look at the dropdown and see {skull} on one province; so you know who to hit.
    You may tag 0-3 emojis (or just 0-1?) per province.
    Multiple provinces may be tagged with the same emojis.
    Emojis are restricted to those available in Discord.

    Ain't got time to write your name.
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    I would rather dev time went into something else.

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    It's "emoticon"

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