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Thread: Let's arm our teachers

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    It will definitely be a interesting legal fight, can you take away a adults 2nd admenment rights without cause? My guess they will have to declare a new adult legal age to be 21. But again one side wants to take all guns and the other side knows it so they won't budge a inch. So hence nothing will ever get done, so you might as well give properly trained teachers guns.

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    No one is trying to take away anyone's second amendment. There are already limitations in place regarding what citizens can and can't purchase. It's not like people can just go to their local gun vendor and buy a surface to air missle, tank, rpg, machine gun, etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by umajon911 View Post
    sucks to be french...
    I thought the exact same thing! I've seen one like this before but it didn't have French on it. I like this one better lol
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    Sadly, just because you have armed people nearby is no guarantee they'll intervene

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