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Thread: Do you want to have Fun? Come join Fun Kingdom #weareallFKD

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    US now, Scottish migrant.
    Absolutely thunder :D

    Still recruiting folks

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    I can play attacker or mage/rogue. I was looking to play attacker this age but I'd be fine as a mage if that's what is needed. I log in to my province no less than 2x daily. Sometimes more depending on my day. I do what I need to around 3-4AM and between 4-6PM in the evening USA East Coast time.

    Not sure exactly what you are looking for but I'll be honest, most would probably consider me a nub as I haven't played since 2011-2012. A whole lot of changes I'm still trying to wrap my head around! I was never a "great" player but a decent one.

    If interested just let me know :) I'm on discord as GhettoWitch.

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    I'll join your group of merry men since you play with me and our spouses don't know

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    +1 Scottish is a good man, Always ran good kingdoms back in the day

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