Greetings Utopians!

I am excited to announce that we have invited a new member into the MUGA team, Roxiator. He will perform support similar to that which Bishop has done for so long and provide Bishop and the rest of our team much needed (and welcome) assistance in dealing with Support requests. I would like to introduce you to Roxiator, He will be in a full time role assisting with the Support emails and having a presence in Discord and on the Forums. We feel that Utopia and the MUGA community deserves to have dedicated attention when support or assistance is needed and we have brought in Roxiator to fill that void. For quite a long time Utopia has been supported by Bishop alone and as good as he has always been at providing that support he is just one person fulfilling that role in his spare time. With the onset of MUGA and our team we have been able to provide Bishop assistance but alas our time also is limited and the Community deserves more than what we've been able to provide. Roxiator will fill that void and provide the timely service that the Community deserves.

Let's all give Roxiator a warm welcome as we look forward to a bright and positive future ahead.

Welcome Roxiator!

You can welcome Roxiator yourself in this thread here!